Artivism 2.0: Sta. Filomena and the Sea
December 2-9, 2018

Artivism 2 - Sta Filomena and the Sea [poster]


The main focus behind the movement is our plastic problem. Improper waste disposal and the lack of garbage segregation is the cause behind one of the most pressing problems of our country – The Philippines ranked 3rd in the major contributors of plastics in our oceans. The plastic problem causes a domino effect. It clogs up our rivers and drainages resulting to floods, and once in the ocean it poses real threats to our marine life. They get eaten by marine organisms, they prevent water flow, they cover corals and sea grass beds thereby destroying ecosystems. The lack of information and awareness regarding this problem causes not only environmental issues but health and sanitation concerns as well, especially for our coastal communities.


  • To create a collaborative street art using acrylic paints while expressing the theme “Ocean Conservation” in the context of Sta. Filomena culture.
  • To gather artists, environmentalists, activists, local businesses, government workers, students, professionals, and the locals to be part of this collaboration and learning process that will foster future partnerships and more environmental projects.
  • To educate young and old and alike about our improper waste disposal of trash and excessive use of plastic; its present and future effects, its connection to the food we eat, and its man-made calamities.

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Artivism 1.0: Huring-huring
March 25-26, 2017

Artivism [poster]


Art and Social Media are today’s powerful instruments to express one’s perspective and experience; to raise questions on certain issues that surround a specific area or areas that constitute as a whole; and to scrutinize these areas to determine the roots and delineate its nature. Furthermore, the synergy of Art and Social Media will provide the answers – Social Media will touch the aspects of the digital world sending the message across the globe while Art will give shape to its physical, mental and sensual aspects that will recreate the experience. But to see clearly frame by frame why these two became powerful instruments of change, we dissect how really media and art shape the society and its culture.

Media is the collective communication outlets or tools that are used to store and channel through news, entertainment, education, data, or promotional messages disseminated to a large number of people. We largely benefited from this information sharing process, learning new things around and outside the country. Over the years, this has become so massive after the birth of internet and become so unstoppable now. In the olden days in the Philippines we exchange information within the community through oral tradition and it takes a long journey before it spreads out to another community. Presently we still practice this kind of tradition famously now called “Huring-huring”, but if it is good news it is called “maayo nga balita”; “tsismis” if not. In a small scale level, this happens in every Baranggay or in the corners of the city and also in rural towns. But never underestimate how fast this reverberation multiplies among people. The question is always how accurate are these information we are taking in, when it transferred from one person to another, then another, then another so and so. This transference of information is beautiful by nature however the effect is questionable; it can either be constructive or destructive. And then here comes social media where you can create your digital profile, digital stories, and digital life, even faster than we could ever imagine.

Social media and the culture of “going viral” has so much impact in our local and global communities – our culture, and way of life and behavior collectively. People have found platforms to express themselves, and through these, there is a huge amount of information clutter in our daily lives: with the so many voices, stories, sensationalized news, even fake news, and click-bait headlines, people are now facing the difficulty of really reflecting on their personal stand and insight on issues. It is as if, it has become all consumption. Some questions we can ask ourselves are:

  • How do I take in what I learn from mainstream and social media? How do I get enrichment from them?
  • Do I impulsively believe in all the news or do I take time to critically think of what I see, hear, and read?
  • Do I still have time for silence and reflection amid these times of instant messaging, heightened updates, and selfie shots?

Artivism in Action 4image by: Daks Liit

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Alima Community
May 2017

We are a community-based creative social enterprise with the aim of creating and sustaining immersive collaborations between marginalized communities and impact-inspired artists.

Nagpana Ethnic Jewelry
January 10, 2016

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Hawid Panublion
We are HAWID-PANUBLION, a non-profit, non-partisan organization with the aim of providing avenues and opportunities in rediscovering our indigenous roots.

Kasing Kasing Book Covers
April 22, 2015

sample 13

Book Covers [Series]
Image: “and the sea was saltier” | poetry book | by Kristine Buenavista

A total of 14 books was commissioned by Kasing-kasing Press. Humbled by this project, my abstract paintings were used as book covers. This is one worth collecting series of books, not only you treasure the words/worlds of the Panayanon writers but also my art.