Pasisiring [en.trance]

Artist Statement:

In this second solo show by Marrz Capanang, you are invited to really gaze.

His intricate paintings and conceptual installations are representations of his sociopolitical, philosophical, and animist views on culture and the current state of the Artist as a Changemaker. Born and still living in Calaparan, he believes that he is at the heart of the city: the centrifuge of it all- where he cannot shut his eyes and just speak of beauty and progress.

Each painting is an eye of a living being – the carabao, the pig, the owl, the tarsier, the monitor lizard, the eagle. He lets himself embody the Being and retells their tales in intricate images and rich textures as intuitively as he could. Each installation is deeply inspired by the little interactions we have with our surroundings that we tend to disregard as we get caught up with external impulses and stimuli.

“I call my process pangut-angut. I am amazed by the power of the spirit – being in full surrender. I think I am at my most honest when I create art.”

Centered in his intimate relationship with the natural world and the contours of his inner landscapes, Capanang presents Utopia and Dystopia out there and within, and attempts at narrating his personal take on how Man glides in between.

~Kristine Buenavista