(interconnection and synchronicity)

Art Process and Philosophy

Generally speaking, the area that paves the way for intuition is the right hemisphere. Not only does it govern creative thought, art, music, senses and emotion, it is also the area where intuitive thoughts are created.In the Amalgamation of Advent and Exodus

Intuition is what I follow in my art process. The collection and reflection on my dreams are gathered and mixed with my gut feeling before I let ideas and thoughts go. As the first layer of paint is being applied on the canvas, I let my intuition guide me.

My drawing “In the Amalgamation of the Advent and Exodus”, is the first artwork made purely with intuition rendered on a door panel. As far I can remember, I started drawing the tree then its roots as spontaneous images jumps from mind to canvas like leaves growing one by one filling the whole composition in a very dynamic and natural process. The area is divided into several random occurrences and framed separately through the windows formed by the branches.

Ideas, feelings, and thoughts are both ephemeral and transcendental.

My art process revolves around these two beautiful essences. Before the paints and oils are spilled, ideas and concepts find me. They find me when I am aimless. They find me in my vivid dreams. They find me when I am in the middle of an intense moment. They find me randomly.

They are spinning around in my head, floating slowly, waiting to get revealed.
When the materials are available, I just know that the right moment to make art is right there before me.

So, I start spilling the paints. The colors flow, collide… serendipitously finding their own space on my canvas. I just watch there and marvel at the natural flow of moments. A microcosm of what I feel about the universe, God, and my own life. It’s a natural flow, a constant co-mingling of energies and hues.

Then, there’s come a moment when I’d examine the canvas closely and from it, images appear before my eyes – very random images of representations – trying to convey a message, a narrative. From sprouting images that are like clues trying to convey something about the whole artwork, I develop every image with details until they become more vivid. Each piece of image is a representation. I’d like to imagine that each image is like a destination that leads to the other in order to express the entirety of my whole artwork.

I believe in the synchronicity that my art process embodies. It is as if it tells so much about my life – even events I have experienced and have led to now and the future. There have been a lot of instances when my paintings would tell me so much about what is going on with me or what the direction of the compass of my spirit is. I feel that as I paint along spontaneously, my intuition also gets stronger. This is why I keep on letting my intuition guide me freely.

Most of the time I dabble on acrylic and oil – acrylic on the first coats and oil on developing the details…

My art process is also my form of meditation -an examination of my emotions, visions, inhibitions, stories, and sometimes, fears and insecurities. Most of the time my own art process serves as my conscience. It is that deep well of wisdom tucked in the intimacy of solitude and cosmic memory.

The Core of my Art Practice

Nature – being in my natural state allows me to thrive as individual and as part of a larger community. This is the very core of my art practice. I noticed this amidst my evolution as artist and an observer of life; I have this strong affinity with nature, its flora and fauna, its phenomenon, its order and its flow. These are also recurring subjects in my art apart from human beings. Moreover, there is so much to learn from nature and I believe as artist we translate it for the general populace.

Decipher – Observing nature and interpreting the message beyond what is obvious is the second core to my art practice. It is important to understand the workings of nature. When I analyze the collected knowledge, I automatically reflect it to my own experience and other observations. Through this I discover the great connections in all things which are relevant to my art practice.

Proficiency – The ability to transform the gained knowledge into art form requires the basic and advanced skills and techniques learned from schools, random encounters, firsthand experience and the internet. With this, my output becomes effective in tapping my art’s message and meaning towards a viewer. And the underlying purpose of creating is interaction: to educate, to extend my art’s soul  and to create an impact.