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We are HAWID-PANUBLION, a non-profit, non-partisan organization with the aim of providing avenues and opportunities in rediscovering our indigenous roots.

This dream sprouted from our kindred thoughts in celebrating Dinagyang Festival more intimately, more meaningfully.


created by: Tata Salcedo

new nagpana_8We’re currently immersing and initiating a free workshop for the women weavers of Nagpana in Barotac Viejo. For more than 5o years, the community has been making and selling handmade products made of local materials such as nito and tamarora.

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The women weavers have expressed their need to get trained in re-designing their products to make them more sustainably marketable. So we asked help from volunteers who can teach and guide them learn new designs without having to risk the authentic charm and story of their weaving ritual.

new nagpana_931We are greatly inspired by this longing to rediscover; this passion to provide a chance in re-examining our perspective towards the ati and in exploring better ways as a community to learn from each other – to really give and take, and grow together.

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We are currently accepting donations for this community project (capacity building and community organizing) any amount would be very beneficial, as this supports their livelihood. Email us at hawidpanublion@gmail.com.

You can also support by buying their original designed earrings, bracelets and necklaces.
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Madamo nga Salamat!