Marrz Capanang creates atmospheric visual-gasms that highlight cosmic happenstances through abstraction and interconnected detailed subjects. His spontaneous rendering shows the motions of vibrant hues forming worlds and other-worlds – trivial, mundane.

Apophenia is the experience of perceiving patterns or connections in random or meaningless data. He believes that each of us experiences this. We have this in us. He humbly recognizes that he is not very different from others but the uniqueness of his experience is this: he is able to catch such patterns, harmonize them, and capture their fleeting beauty, awe, and even chaos.

The texture of his artworks speaks in volumes – throwing each viewer back to the feel of starry nights, pueblo mornings, and imaginary fields. Each painting contains symbolic images which comprise narratives and puzzles. As an image is spotted, it then leads to a journey of finding, interpreting, and understanding. His works seem to contain every daydreamer’s affinity – multitude of hues, ever-gliding shades, and surprising representations.

The world is as mysterious as the colors that coat his canvas. He explains the flow as the intersections of events, time, humanity and nature, a conduit of the very existence of life. Through his process, he creates new impressions of life events, the untold and the narrated. He melds these two to give a new path of different perspective, different learning and different experience. He basks in the delight that can only be tapped from the pulse of the human experience, intuition.

written by Kristine Buenavista