Pagtukib sang mas Malapad nga Kalibutan

Pagtukib sang mas Malapad nga Kalibutan

(Discovery of the Wider World)
oil on canvas
60 inches x 72 inches


As an intuitive painter, my process involves the use of pure imagination, intuition, and channeling the manifestation of the “moment” in a given space and time. This process which became not only as an “art style”, it also turned out to be a vital shaper of my philosophy and spirituality – I called it “Pangut-angut” (serendipity, synchronicity and amalgamation).

It all started with no intention to create, instead, to feel the rhythm of nature and channeling its energy through spontaneous application of paints, strokes and intensity. As a result, a kaleidoscope stood before me. Then slowly the silence enveloped reality and that pause between me and my painting was actually a conversation meant to happen. It was the point when I saw figures dancing, talking, moving, commingling, laughing and feeling alive. Seeing the figures creates a mystical connection, full of symbols, of importance, and of meaning. With my ability, I gave them form and details as suggested by the distinctive shapes and arrangement of colors therein. What was revealed before me is the story of “Pagtukib sang Mas Malapad nga Kalibutan”. Instantly, I felt the intense connection. It reminded me of people whom I met in work, travels, events, and dreams. My painting was trying to tell me the importance of memory and respect of the time spent with other people. Likewise, it showed me a portal towards a wider world… the future, the undocumented, the unmapped, and the special. Yes, the special beings.

I thought I was very special and this was like fifteen years ago – I was full of ego, full of myself, and full of crap. It took me years to realize that every person I met has uniqueness; character, talents, features, tendencies, reactions, beliefs, culture, and way of life. Now, this is what I discovered… those people I met constantly living and not waiting to be discovered in the mainstream because they are meant to exist as it is, as part of the fulfillment, they comply with the natural order of things. The same goes with the animals, plants, and other natural forms.  Our future is just a reflection of our past. Discovering what or who is ahead is very humbling, like an ant in the middle of a forest. I believe, we are equally unique no matter what our size is: no matter what our functionality. As a special being, I will make use of my potency to tell the narratives shared by my painting to the rest of the world. I pray this onto the people who were stolen from their lives by this made-up reality. I pray that soon they will discover this epiphany.

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