Artworks for Danjugan

IMPORTANT: All these artworks are subject for donation. Half of the sale will go to Danjugan projects; free nature camp for elementary and high school students, printed materials for environmental awareness and information dissemination and many more. Buying a piece would benefit a group of kids and for sure we will be hatching future environmental leaders!

Danjugan - acrylic on paper - 12 inches x 9 inches (approx) - 2015 - Php 10,000

(an Island in Negros Oriental, Philippines)

acrylic on paper
12 inches x 9 inches (approx)

Sa imo Balay (In your Home) - acrylic on paper - 12 inches x 9 inches (approx) - 2015 - Php 10,000

Sa imo Balay
(In your Home)
acrylic on paper
12 inches x 9 inches (approx)

Talamdan (Mantra) - acrylic on paper - 12 inches x 9 inches (approx) - 2015 - Php 10,000

acrylic on paper
12 inches x 9 inches (approx)

Danjugan Series (Danjugan, Sa imo Balay and Talamdan) is a collective experience of the artist retreat in Danjugan Island, a miraculous place, a sanctuary, and a place of ripened knowledge. It all started during the traverse from mainland to the island. When I saw this gel-like thing floating just beneath the water surface at first I thought they were jelly fish. The more I observed the more I realized they were not, but plastic – a man-made product that caused death to sea creatures and scarred the earth permanently. What I realized, the world is made up of thousands of beautiful pockets for humans to experience and to breathe life at its purest. Also, how heart-rending that these pockets will surely die with just one clasp of trash by us – imagine a million of us every day.

My art process involved conversation between nature (people of nature) and my intuition converted through paints on paper:

In my work “Danjugan” I utilized a dry leaf to channel its voice and expression onto the paper, emanating the energy of the island. “Danjugan” is the whole experience, a pebble of the earth, a ripple of positive energy.

While “Sa imo Balay (In your Home)”, collaboration with Kenneth Materum where he engaged through my art process by channeling himself – his life before, now and tomorrow. Amidst the process, we had conversations about conservation and unfolding little by little his fears before me and how slowly he conquered it. The next phase for me was to process this collaboration. I learned this; one “In your Home” you are most comfortable, you feel loved, you are free, and you are proud of your journey. Second, finding home is actually going back to one’s self again.

And in “Talamdan (Mantra)”, collaboration with Karen Gamutan where she expressed her heart and mind. It made me happy when she told me that I have unlocked a part of her and how she appreciated this symbiosis. What I saw in her picture was the intensity of the island brought by disturbing energies – burning intensely and ebbing the light from darkness. So I transformed this into “Mantra”, the process involved cutting the picture into half by removing the darkest part but I realized that I myself came from the dark and it is vital to be part of it not only in the light. Then I began weaving the dark and light again, like a book – the story revolves in conflict and triumph. Basically it is like you are stabbed with a stone in your heart, this will remain forever but the pain will not linger for too long, and you will smile radiantly from inside and out.

Pawikan sa Paminsaron (Sea Turtle in my Mind) - acrylic on canvas - 18 inches x 14 inches - 2015 - Php 14,000 - to be donated

Pawikan sa Paminsaron
(Sea Turtle in my Mind)
acrylic on canvas
18 inches x 14 inches

I haven’t seen a sea turtle in my life, only a dead one 3 years ago, this pain dove deep inside me. So I am writing this in behalf of this pain inside my heart that I retrieved during my stay in Danjugan Island:

Dear Other Humans,

How was your lunch/reunion with your family in the hidden beauty of nature? That chicken inasal coated with flavourful sauce as you remove the plastic covering. Ohhh that steamy rice cracked from the metallic foil. That chop-chop adobo squid inside the poisonous cheap plastic hmmmm hm. Those chichiryas in different sizes you bought from a sari-sari store, it is really good with tagayan. I forgot, you also bought plastic cups to drink water isn’t it cool – so light and manageable? It appears to me that you guys are happy about your life event. I don’t mind as long as you did not forget to keep all your trash inside your bags. But if you reason that your bag is full (of stones, shells and corals), well you can put it inside your underwear or something similar, right Mr.Bean? Just to let you know that, if you throw your plastic trash out in the sea and a sea turtle will come across it. It will think that plastic is just another jelly fish – it means food but it means death! And this does not only apply to sea turtles. So as a sea-creature killer, you have no powers to revive it as in never had the power. All I ask to you dear Other Humans is to be mindful, be more observant, give time and patience, feel their presence, and learn to appreciate because you will realize that you are capable of loving. When you love, you know how to protect. That is all what we need now for mother earth, protection.

sincerely yours,
in-the-process-of-changing-outlook-on-nature Human

Puno sang Kabuhi (Full of Life, Origin of Life, Tree of Life) - acrylic on wood - 5 inches x 3 inches x 12 inches (approx) - 2015 - Php 8,000

Puno sang Kabuhi
(Full of Life, Origin of Life, Tree of Life)
acrylic on wood
5 inches x 3 inches x 12 inches (approx)

The story of tree is found on this sawn-off wood. I found this when I was walking towards Tabon Beach of Danjugan Island. I lifted it and felt the melancholia suppressed inside. Instantly there was a burst of feelings. What I saw was the story of the tree how it started crawling and holding the earth because of love, how he grew taller and have seen life of the animals, the plants and the human beings. Yes, of human beings, until it felt the jagged jaw of the saw brutally and painfully severed its body into pieces. Pieces found in our houses which we think as home, in buildings which incubate sadness and separation, in cages – used to imprison chickens, cows, birds and animals that human can think of, in toothpicks after each meal that we don’t have any idea how brutally and abusively went to our tables, in ships that allowed import/export, exploration and exploitation, in beds where you dream as an entity who create or destroy, in stick that supports you as you grow really old when you start realizing the significance of this once-the-so-called tree as the most abused life form on earth. The origin of life (our lives) started because of the ego-driven human beings. It is all about their dreams they say. Is this the fullness of life or fullness of lies?

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