Cloud Series



acrylic on canvas
60 inches x 36 inches

Private Collection | Sweden

I remember twenty years ago, I had this zest for speed and I love to run. One time I had this contest with my brother who is older by six and a half years. We ran at shout of three and in a matter of a minute he outran me. Ran out of breath, I was compelled to stop. “He is too fast for me.” Then I look at the skies while regaining my normal breathing: there are clouds and most of them moves very very slow to almost static.

We live in a swampy place here in Calaparan (Iloilo). I can see a number of homes that settles here. All of them are not strangers.

I have real friends here I can count them with my fingers. In summer, we all go to the nearby beach and the stretch would tells us “you don’t need a watch nor a compass.” While in rainy days with pale naked feet we swim by the river near a bridge
where we can see people passing by.

During school days, my mom and I would wait long enough for a jeepney ride. Often I pop my head out of the window to feel the cool wind shaping my hair. “Can’t you drive any faster?” mom would ask the driver and I just smile. In a matter of seconds, everything I see outside the window starts to go unclear except for one – the clouds. Hypnotic but pacifying.

Clouded by my imagination, I just realized I am heading home and I am in the middle of a traffic. There are now hundreds of jeepneys carrying thousands of people. Up ahead is blurred by dark clouds. I can see why these people around me
don’t smile or talk with each other. They are not sad but they can
kill traffic by looking at a tiny screen, hypnotized.

Am about to reach home. I could see glimpse of the coast thru an alley few a times only. The beach is now infested and sick. The stretch reminds me of my allergy attack. While the wooden bridge is incapacitated for so long. I think the rain is responsible for the damage or perhaps it’s just another government toy marked with “made in china”.

I am home now. I can’t see my friends amongst the countless of strangers. Here, the swamp that I remember is presently a concrete maze and mostly inhabited by crocs (crooks). For me my memory is my real home. From our yard I can still see my young self running that old track and it makes me smile.

All I can do now from where I am standing, is to look at the skies and breathe. Today is not as cloudy like the normal days but this is special, there is one cloud afloat.
Slow, untouched and calm. “Isn’t she beautiful?”


acrylic on canvas
12 inches x 9 inches

popping clouds in between

Popping Clouds in Between
acrylic on canvas
12 inches x 9 inches
a room and a nimbus

A Cloud and A Nimbus
acrylic on canvas
12 inches x 9 inches
2013a cumulus

A Cumulus
acrylic on canvas
12 inches x 9 inches


acrylic on canvas
16 inches x 12 inches

Private Collection | Iloilo, Philippines

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