Modern Patadyong 1

Modern Patadyong

Modern Patadyong 1
acrylic on canvas
50 centimeters x 50 centimeters

Private Collection | Cebu, Philippines

Fashion should follow culture or generation? Well modern patadyong is a fusion.

Time is always moving. Everything is changing as we walk with Time, especially the women’s fashion here in the Philippines. The influence in modern women fashion is largely came from the West, and now the Korean Pop. Also, thanks to the help of China-made clothes that made everything available and affordable – and made everyone look the same, well almost. In Iloilo, Philippines I am proud of our own textile called Hablon. From the word “habul” (to weave), our ancestors painstakingly craft the fabric with their hands, time and passion. Hablon was widely used during the old days until cotton-made fabric was introduced and most likely mass produced.

detail 1
Modern Patadyong detail 1

   Hablon was nearly in the verge of dissipating thread by thread till it’s gone in the fabric of time. Not until, fashion designers have recently discovered Hablon. For them it is a remarkable fabric, vintage and classy. “Yes, let us introduce this to the world and for sure this will become popular that can penetrate the world of fashion.” So good to hear, but now as a result, the Filipinos cannot afford to buy what we are proud of. That’s one paradoxical issue.

Our government, our women, all of  us should have protected this treasure, preserved it as a form of daily clothing for everyday life. Like the patadyong (colorful-plaid hablon) rich in color and in culture, deserves to be out in this modern world.

detail 2

Modern Patadyong detail 3

detail 3

Modern Patadyong detail 2

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