Ang mga Sugilanon sang Kalibutan, Mga Kalibutan sang Sugilanon

Ang mga Sugilanon sang Kalibutan, Mga Kalibutan sang Sugilanon

(The Narratives of the World, The World of Narratives)
oil and acrylic on canvas
24 inches x 24 inches

The little man is being taken advantage of. This painting shows how I see the world now. the little now being toyed by the “stoytellers” of the society – the big corporations, the advertisers, the multinationals, the politicians, the corrupt. This toying involves a kind of emotional blackmail. They use their power and the power of their lies to lure the small man – he works hard for the wrong reasons. He works hard thinking about the essence of his education, profession, and family support. Behind everything, he is like a puppet being played on by the bigger men. I have used this mythical hues to showcase the backdrop of the situation now – our culture of community, hardwork, nature, and exchange. I also want to emphasize how little men are being used – ideas, passions, visions being stolen by the bigger players. Above all the stealing, taking advantage, and abuse, we only hear sugar-coated stories.

written by Kristine Buenavista

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