Private Collection | Belgium


(In a Blink)
oil and acrylic on canvas
24 inches x 24 inches

part of the sales was donated to Batak Barotac

It was silence, the misty ambience and the croaking frogs that shed a very important realization to me.

It happened before the wrath of typhoon Haiyan, during the rainy months. There’s this one spot outside our home I remember a mound of sand, soaked and moist. Days had passed; I can see how the rain quenches the thirst of the land where I stand, of the trees that undress the thick dust from cars and trucks and of the walkways free from the busy walkers. Soon after the rain , I noticed that mound of sand sprouting life. A common sight that is rarely given attention. I realized that life is always moving, there’s no end to it. Hopes can really grow even in the most infertile source. At that exact moment, the sprouts seem like proliferated up to my heart and to my mind. It was a good feeling.

In a blink, typhoon Haiyan shook our country. Wipe everything in its wake. It was Hell.

Even the rich and the poor were not spared,

Even the priests and the sinners were not spared,

Even the strongest and the weakest were not spared,

We were all equal in the eye of the storm.

We were all flushed to zero with all our egos, dramas, riches, stories, houses, concubines and anything material. Life really is, owned by the earth. Nature.

From that point, people around the globe went unuttered with swelling eyes nearly to their breaking point. But some touched the ground with their knees, praying. From that ground little fellows like the ants start working after a rain.  Working hand and hand until sunshine kiss the tip of their globe-shape eyes. Those who survive believed in Hope, that they can “again” start a new Life.

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