Private Collection | Iloilo, Philippines

Faceless (5x7)

acrylic on canvas
72 inches x 48 inches (11 inches x 14 inches)

Private Collection | Iloilo, Philippines

Social networks sites especially Facebook are very popular these days. Everyday, you are fed by thousands of updates in the newsfeed (some useful but most of them disturbingly useless).  Although facing all these in a day gives you a lot of stress, and it is for you to decide what to absorb and to neglect. There are lots who spend most of their hours looking hypnotized by their monitors, in short, the FB addicts.

Having this addiction is a hell lot scarier than forcing one’s self to do a bungee jump – because unknowingly (in your consciousness range) you can never detect that it already gets into you. Like a parasite. It dwells freely, and slowly eats your personality, your culture, your uniqueness, and worst than that – your life.

In a span of a year or just a couple of months, can you imagine your face – looking like a Pangaea of topsy-turvy thoughts, objects and feelings? While sacrificing your roots, your true self, and your dreams? Have you seen yourself in the real mirror and not in the 14″ widescreen LCD monitor?

You know that in yourself that everything you see is just an illusion – an illusion of your life, like a pacman game, there is no ending and in reality you really are starving. Starving for food, for real air, and yes, for your life!

The real world needs you and you need the people that are really important – your real world. The truth is, technology is designed to be controlled by humans and not the other way around. Think of the “power off” button. Just push it. Stand with confidence. About face. Then start walking again.

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