The Sound of Waiting

The Sound of Waiting

The Sound of Waiting
acrylic on parachute
10 inches x 10 inches

Gift for Mother

She loves nature and travelling. Meeting new people and connecting with them is natural to her, I wonder how. I thought it was a skill acquired through experience like I do… but no, I found out later in my life that it was rather a gift – innate to her. So I was inspired.

It was summer when I made this painting for her, a very special gift that holds a momentous symbol about her greatness. In this painting, you can see a sanctum which she plucks from her imagination or pool of memory.

Where she can smell the flowers playing with the wind.
Where she can feel the calmness amongst the dancing trees.
Where she can heal her fear through serenity.
Where she can sing till eternity.

I wish this painting can help her, even she can’t walk out her room to greet the sun anymore.

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